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If you'd like to learn a little bit more about Personality Hacker and our Program, we've gathered some key information below for you. 


We're Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge and together we are the co-founders of Personality Hacker. 

Personality Hacker is an organization designed to help people leverage their own mental processes to optimize whatever can be optimized: decision-making, productivity, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly – happiness. When we get these needs met we stop being so myopic and start seeing a bigger picture.

Make better decisions and optimize your life by learning your unique genius!

Antonia & Joel have more than 10 years experience of developing personality and growth focused programs and have delivered key note talks at the Australian and International associations of psychological type. They've also helped companies leverage these models and consulted with companies like Amazon, Zappos, Oracle, American Express, CNN, and many others.

Each week, Joel and Antonia release a new episode for their popular Personality Hacker Podcast.  Each episode is a conversation that helps you create awareness around how you are wired, gives you permission to be who you truly are, and design a custom personal growth path for your life. They live in the United States.

Antonia Dodge
of Personality Hacker

Joel Mark Witt
of Personality Hacker

What we offer

Our Programs

Our digital programs are rooted in years of work in the field of personality psychology, and countless coaching with people of all personality types. Our programs are designed to help you truly leverage your own Mind's Wiring to create the life you are dreaming of. 

The best place to start are our Personality Owners Manuals.
Each Owners Manual focuses on one of the 16 Myers-Briggs® Personality Types and gives you tools and strategies for personal growth, uniquely tailored to your personality. They are also a great way of understanding your loved ones.

From there, many of our students and growth-seekers, like to dive into more advanced programs that are specifc to their Personality Types - including:

  •  "Intuitive Awakening" - to learn to embrace and develop your intuitive preferences. 
  •  "Empowered (For INFJs and INFPs)" - for our INFx Types - where you'll learn about boundaries, assertivness and being more understood from a powerful council INFJs and INFPs.
  • "Unleashed (For INTJs and INTPs)" - for our INTx Types - where you'll learn about navigating social interactions, and create purposeful relationships and work from a powerful council INTJs and INTPs. 

The beauty of personality psychology is that it's wisdom can be applied to unlock practically any area of live. That's why we've also designed programs that target specific areas of your life and that dive into what this may look like for all of the 16 Personality Types - including: 

Deep-Dive Courses we Teach

For people who are ready to go deeper, we also have a handful of programs that we teach personally. These programs open for enrollment several times a year, where we are able to provide a personal touch, LIVE Calls as well as in-person components to these more in-depth trainings. 

Currently, we have two flagship programs. 

  • Profiler Training is a deep dive into the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types that helps you understand all 16 Personality Types at the core fundamentals of the types and teaches you how to Profile other people so you can help them figure out their type.

  • Personality Life Path is a 8 week Mentorship Program that takes a look at how the 8 Cognitive Functions - or 8 Slices of Life - show up for you and help you discover how you can leverage each one of them for great personal growth. 

We also offer various Mentorships throughout the year. If you sign up for our Newsletter you will be notified whenever we are starting up a new Mentorship and you can see if it is the right fit for you. 


We also regularly offer opportunities to join us for an event LIVE in-person. 

Both of our Profiler Training and Personality Life Path programs come with a Live Event ticket component.
Additionally, you can always find updates on our upcoming in-person events at: 

Online resources

You can also of course always find us online where we create brand new type and growth-based content on a weekly basis! 

Besides our Personality Hacker Website, we're also active on these social media platforms - we'd love to see you there! 


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